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Arusha Town

We had the rest of our day to ourselves. George, Trish and I tried to walk out from the hotel into town but we were descended on by local kids, selling things and asking for money. I’ve been in plenty of developing countries and this goes with the territory, but here it was the most […]

Arusha Morning

A good night’s sleep took me to morning. I had a view of Mt. Meru out my window. I wandered downstairs to find that we were in a beautiful hotel. The lobby had rich leather couches and chairs in small, interconnected sitting rooms. There were lush gardens outside. The breakfast buffet was impressive. It was […]

Amsterdam to Arusha

The flight to Amsterdam was uneventful. It was also uncomfortable. KLM had the least legroom of any large plane I’d ever been on. But no matter. Traveling with a backpack as carryon luggage is wonderful. Wearing hiking boots and safari pants is even better. Much better than wearing a suit and taking a briefcase.


Off to Africa, finally

Saturday September 1, and the trip begins. I remembered it was my mother’s birthday; she would have understood the adventure and been thrilled to hear every detail about it. She had taken a trip, on her own, to Hawaii back in the 1940s. Her diary is in one of the trunks at home. Good reading. […]