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Hi Jon:

Since it appears you and I will be travelling on our own it’s likely we’ll be tent mates. I too plan on leaving September 1, flying to JRO from Denver via Amsterdam.

The climb is much on my mind, and I’m making a major effort to hike and bike as part […]

Called the embassies this morning

Woke up, took Dan’s car to the shop, and decided to take the day off to take care of a long list of things. This is the last week I’ll have that luxury as we’ll either have won or not won a very large project which I’ll be running, or will be figuring out what […]


OK, now for shots. I’m pretty good friends with my doctor, and he trusts me, and that’s both good and bad. After all, HE’s the doctor and I’m the engineer. Before we want to Peru I did the research, went in with some internet printouts, and walked out with prescriptions for diamox (Rachel) and dex […]

Visa done

Ticked another box tonight; got the visa applications all packed into the envelopes. Was all set to do it a couple of months ago and then all of a sudden I couldn’t find my passport. I’d had it in the study and used it to fill out the visa form and then it disappeared into […]

It’s getting real

Kilimanjaro..I leave 1Sept. That’s only 3 months away…can’t wait! Exchanged emails with Carol at Kiliwarriors yesterday and asked her what she knew about the rest of the group. Said there are six of us; I don’t know if that’s just so far or the total number. She pointed me to a family website put up […]