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Looking back I realize I controlled the things I could control: I did lots of research, trained hard, and brought the right things. But in the end it was the things I couldn’t control that had the greatest impact on the trip.

First, our group. It was a random collection of people from around the world. Through the whole trip I can’t remember a single word spoken in anger. At different times everyone felt tired, sore, and sick. People could have been selfish and short with each other. Instead they pulled together. Trish, George, Sean, Tony, Greg, Stefano and Giuseppe: I’m glad we all wound up on the trip together.

Secondly, our outfitter. You can only learn so much from reading websites and then you choose someone and put your safety in their hands. I took a chance on Kiliwarriors and it paid off. They were professionals and great people. They set the tone. Thanks Wilbert, Hosea, Kanini, Eben, Carol, Faraja, Gideon, and all the rest of your group.

So in the end, two thoughts. There was another thing we could all control: our outlook. And it all came down to people.

Poa kichizi kama ndizi

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